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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The "One"

Boy it's been hot out there. Makes you happy to be able to go to work!! (Assuming your work has AC that is!!) But really, enough about the weather.....

Is there such a thing as a "perfect match? Many of us, men and women, spend our adult lives looking for that "something" that "spark" to let them know that "this is the one". Is there such a thing? I believe there are many "the ones" out there for everyone. I believe that "spark" many are looking for, is just a signal that you are attracted to the other person. Not a "sign" that they may be "the one." Think about it, how many times you have encountered someone who sent the shocks up your arm when they grabbed your hand or gave you goose bumps if you touched ever so gently. I'm sure it's been more than once or twice. So if "the one" is the person you encounter that gives you this "spark", think of how many "the ones" are out there...quite a few.

Now, what is the one referring to? The one you will marry? The one who will make your dreams come true? The one that will give you the children you want? Its different for every person.

How do you know then? You don't! I think its easier to figure out what you don't want in a partner than what you do want. Its trial and error. Learn from past experiences. Look for the qualities that your previous partners were lacking that you felt may have made your relationship better. Stop following rules. Don't get stuck in tunnel vision. Open your mind and heart to differences. Put yourself out there. Realize that you may get hurt, but grow from that. When you find someone who you can look at and say "I can see myself growing old with this person", then you know. You know you have found your perfect match. The one.

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