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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thin Blooded and Trapped Until Spring

It's 45 degrees outside this morning and COLD! I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt, and debating on putting on a jacket. I'm a thin-blooded New Englander. Yikes! What a dilemma!! Sadly, summer has come, and is on its way out. Gone are the days of fire flies swarming about, trees green with life, the smell of lawns freshly mowed…No more heading to the beach to cool down, no more humming of air conditioners! The fans are collecting dust and the geese are honking overhead as they fly south. It's time to put the tank tops and shorts in storage and pull out the boxes of sweaters, turtle necks and coats. Ugh! No more dressing skimpily, now it's time to wear layers. It's tough living in an area where it's cold eight months out of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love living in New England. I just have to remind myself every September why. I mean, just because the birds fly south, doesn't mean there isn't something to look forward to by staying right???

Fall is beautiful in New England. People from all over the U.S. take trips up here to see the leaves, in all their fall glory, in shades of reds, oranges and yellows. It is pretty when you see the first frost covering the once beautiful green grass. It is refreshing, at times, to go outside and take a breath of the crisp clean cold air. You can almost smell the coming of…winter. Sigh…winter. Thinking of fall reminds me of winter. Alas, fall only lasts a month or so.
Now, being a thin-blooded inhabitant of these cold New England states can be treacherous in the winter. The average high is in the 40's. Your nose tingles as you breathe that cold air just walking to your car. You put two pairs of socks on, and your feet are still cold! You're never warm enough unless you set your thermostat at 75! Again, I have to use reverse psychology on myself to prepare for the cold months that are on our doorstep…

Winter brings snow. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, looking out the window and seeing that the first true snow has fallen. The glistening of white surrounds you. Oh look! There's a beautiful red cardinal perched on the leafless oak tree branch…Winter up here also means skiing, sledding, and snow tubing. It means warm fireplaces and Christmas. Ahhhh, holiday parties and food. Decorated trees glowing with the abundance of multi-colored lights. Garland and tinsel hanging from banisters. Yes, winter can be pretty….cold!

Winter clothes, layers of clothes. The months when even a skinny person can look plump! Did I mention the cold? The wind chill is factored in with every temperature reading…yes its 45 degrees, but with the wind-chill it feels like 20….can you hand me another pair of socks!
What gets me through the cold seasons up here? Obviously my reverse psychology isn't working…Spring, the thought of spring is what has me waking up with a hint of a smile as I quickly get out from underneath my comforter in the morning and throw on my artic quality robe. Yes, the countdown for spring is beginning…

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mrs_kat_demers said...

Wow.. We should switch places... I would absolutely love to be in a cold place... I pretty much hibernate when it hits 90 and stays there for 4 or 5 months.. and when it hits 100, well I just melt!!!

Enjoy the fall colors.. They do look so beautiful in pictures.. The only fall we get is just that.. the leaves falling...no pretty colors... ahhh... good old california..

take care!!!!

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