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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm sitting here in my office and I hear the mailman outside, whistling a Christmas tune. Poor man! Doesn't he realize that this is the beginning of...dum dum dummmmmmmm.....Christmas? The last few years, I've been dreading Christmas. I felt that the meaning of the season was drowned in sales, profits and long lines in stores. The commercialization of the holiday season killed any enjoyment I held for it. I mean, Christmas decorations and Holiday gift baskets were on the store shelves before Halloween!! I still think it's overly commercialized, and I still believe the meaning has been lost to most (check the lost and found maybe??) But I realized this holiday season I'm anticipating Christmas. It hit me, as I heard my mailman whistling to his version of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" that I I want to decorate my house this year, I want to help hang those ornaments on the real Christmas Tree, for not just my daughter this year, but for myself. I'm listening to music at work - and not getting a headache from it. I've come to realize that the Holidays are what you make of it - regardless of how society has turned it into a shopping extravaganza! And stores are only anticipating the end of the season sales percentages. I will not let the industries influence how I celebrate the holidays with my friends and family. I don't care if sales were up this year compared to last. I don't care that I may have to stand in line to get a gift my daughter saw on an advertisement on TV. Being with my family and friends. This is what I want.

So, here's to Christmas music, candy canes, twinkling lights, Eggnog and Santa Clause!

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