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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When I was a kid time went by slowly. It seemed a week was a year, a month was a decade. Now as an adult, it flies by faster than you can blink. A week is a day and a month is like two! I can't believe May is almost over. It feels like it was just Groundhogs Day and the nasty little critter saw his shadow and predicted a longer winter once again.

Yet here it is, almost June. The school year is just about over and before you close your eyes, summer will begin. Summer, being my favorite season, will be over in a matter of hours. I should move south where the summer lasts longer. Maybe that's why seniors migrate that way. If the summers were longer, maybe time wouldn't seem to pass by so quickly?
Up here in the northeast, we base our days on the four seasons. Summer and Spring fly by like a hummingbird zooming by, so quickly you aren't sure if it was a bird or butterfly. Fall is usually whooshed away right into Winter. If you're lucky, you get to see the leaves change colors because before you know it Winter comes. And with the Winter come the holidays. Those sneak up on you and are usually over so quickly that you're not aware they even happened until you've stepped on a scale wondering how you gained so much weight!

And now we've come full circle, a new year and a new Spring.

Yet, I'm still pondering the moving south bit...does time seem to pass by slower when there are fewer seasons? Can the secret to slowing down time be as easy as hopping on a plane or a car or a bus and head where you have one or two seasons as opposed to four? I'm willing to test this theory if anyone is willing to sponsor me??


tecacat said...

It seems we are on the same wavelength :)

Jessica said...

Oh? You want to move down south too? :)

tecacat said...

lol no the theme about time..though i probably would love the south! :) love the update btw

Jessica said...

Thanks! :)

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