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Friday, October 12, 2007

Last night

Last night, I spent the first night in our new home listening to our first thunderstorm. The skies were bright and the house was trembling from the thunderous roar. The cats were there for support though, or so I thought. They both decided to jump up on the bed with me as I watched, for the first time, "Rent". One was curled up by my feet, the other needing a little more comfort, decided to make a nest between my legs. As the storm approached and the thunder became noisier, they both seemed to have one ear lifted up and one eye partially opened. I was counting in between flashes and thunder; 1, 2, 3….Then there was a white flash through the window and the most deafening, earsplitting crackle I've ever heard from a lighting storm. (I swear lighting struck in my back yard.) Before I even had a chance to think about what just happened, the cat's bolted! One ran under the bed, while the other found safety in the closet. Traitors!! I secretly was wishing that Alyssa would wake up scared, and run to my bed! She some how, miraculously slept through the whole storm. After that, the storm slowly moved off to disturb some other quiet countryside neighborhood. The cat, after a long while, decided to come back to me for comfort. After his treachery, I made him sleep beside me as opposed to his safety nest. It's past 2 in the morning. The movie over, the hour late, I shut the TV off and tried to get some sleep. All I could hear was the ping of rain on my window, and the subtle hum of my cat purring. I can't sleep. It's me and no-one else, besides the cat. (The other was still hiding in the closet). I'm sleeping alone, and I hate it. Yes, I know he'll be back on Monday – but that doesn't change the fact that my king size bed is sleeping just one.

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