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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost in a world of fairytales

I'm not sure that what this society is doing to us is the best thing for us. From the early stages of life we are told stories that have happy endings. That FATE plays a powerful roll in how things turn out. We watched as Cinderella went from being a poor lonely maid, to queen. Or how Prince Charming came to Sleeping Beauty's rescue in the tower. Who can't say that they wish this would happen to them? Who hasn't wished they had a fairy godmother to make things right? Everyone wants the Happily Ever After that is promised in these stories.

Where is the fairytale about the normal girl, who falls in love with a normal boy and they live, not so happily ever after? Neither one is prince or queen - and the evil in the story is the ugly green monster, MR. MONEY??? I want to hear the tale of the young couple who on a daily basis have to deal with the trials of REAL life; jealousy, money, commitment. I want to see what they do to create a happy, well content, household. I want to see them actually have to make decisions, instead of letting FATE decide. The story of a couple who started a family too early in life, but through hard work made their OWN happy ending, yet knowing that tomorrow the UGLY GREEN MONSTER may come back to harm them. I don't want to hear that everything can be solved with TRUE LOVES KISS, or that there's a PRINCE for every PRINCESS and LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I want a story that shows you have to WORK for your happiness and that it's not just given to you by your fairy godmother.

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm happy with my life. I have lived the real life version of this fairytale. Pregnant at 18 with a guy I only knew for 6 months. I guy who told me in February of 95, just after we found out we were pregnant, to not worry about anything, he would take care of me. Which he has. And here we are, 15 years later and we are happily married (usually) with our own bright beautiful princess. It's not to say our fairytale has been easy - let's face it, we didn't have a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand, say a few rhyming words and make everything turn out just right. On the contrary - we had to work extra hard on making our story. Working night shifts, double jobs....crappy jobs. Anything and everything to fight that UGLY GREEN MONSTER. Every day is a new battle. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Of course, we are still FAR from a HAPPILY EVER AFTER. We call that RETIREMENT.

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melanie said...

That is an incredible story. You make it sound not as hard as I know it was

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